History and activity

The company STAB Group was founded in 2009 by a team of professionals with many years of successful experience in the field of construction. The creation of the company was inspired by the desire to achieve European quality of construction in Ukraine, to offer our clients solutions based on the most progressive construction technologies in combination with innovative products, on proven international experience adapted to construction conditions in Ukraine. Since the effect of innovative materials use and new technologies application in construction is especially significant, the main company’s line of activity was determined as distribution organization of building materials and structures in Ukraine to help you create your own exclusive, efficient building in a short time and for many years to come.  

We thoroughly choose our suppliers as we are aware of our responsibility. Our suppliers are recognized world’s leading manufacturers, which never compromise on quality. Our close and fruitful cooperation guarantees STAB Group clients the best offers, prompt and thought-out solutions for the most complicated projects, high quality engineering and technical support.

We understand our clients’ needs and are actively developing our company as a full-range provider of high quality materials for industrial and commercial construction.

We constantly add new interesting products to our range, offer more and more innovative solutions and additional services. You can be sure, that when you address STAB Group you will not simply be provided with a full range of materials, but also with a precise and carefully thought-out solution for your project. 

We offer our clients the most beneficial cooperation conditions based on the partnership principle. We equally value all of our clients, whether it’s a small construction organization or a serious investor.

We will be happy to see you among our partners!