Reconstruction of facade of office building of "MTS Ukraine" company (Kyiv) has been completed

6 march, 2015

Reconstruction of facade of administrative building of company "MTS Ukraine" (Kyiv) suggested the solution of several tasks - giving to the facade of modern and attractive appearance and also providing energy efficiency of the reconstructed building.

For the reconstruction of object the heat insulation based on mineral wool, facade cassettes from painted steel, as well as substructure for the installation of suspended ventilated facade was supplied by STAB GROUP company. It is no coincidence that was made the decision to carry out reconstruction with the use of system of ventilated facade, because allows the best way to cope with all the tasks, and that is especially important in the case of reconstruction, doesn't demand preliminary preparation of walls and can be mounted at all seasons of the year.

The total area of the reconstructed facade of the office of "MTS Ukraine" - 700 m2. Works on object were performed by our partner - the IBK VARMBUD company.

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