Skylight domes ESSMANN


ESSMANN skylight domes effectively combine functionality (function of a window providing natural lighting, function of a smoke extraction hatch providing natural smoke extraction and ventilation) and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Square, rectangular, round or pyramid-shaped skylight domes can be installed on industrial, storage public and administrative buildings. They are installed on buildings with the roof slope of no less than 25°.

High quality two-, three- or four-layer polymer glazing (polycarbonate, SAN, PETG, etc), translucent or matte (opal color) has optimum translucence. Thermal insulating cover «Heatstop» is offered as an additional glazing option, which, due to its special structure has much lower thermal conductivity and hence ensures minimum heating inside the building. Special glazing is available upon request.

Skylights can be installed only in conjunction with the skylight bases. It should be stressed, that a skylight can be combined almost with any ESSMANN skylight base.


All standard ESSMANN skylight domes are ready for mounting of opening devices for everyday mechanical plenum and exhaust ventilation.

Types of ESSMANN skylight domes:
ESSMANN «Lichtkuppel F6» skylight dome

The fully equipped ESSMANN "Lichtkuppel F6" skylight dome consists of:

    • base;
    • translucent structure (skylight dome);
    • pneumatic drive for exhaust smoke ventilation — optional;
    • control unit - optional;
    • drive for natural ventilation (pneumatic or electromechanical) - optional;
    • ventilation switch - optional;
    • weather station, rain and wind sensors – optional;
    • additional equipment - «HDS» protection system (hail, fall through and sun protection), «EVA» darkening system and insects protection mesh — optional.

It can be manufactured with the nominal size ranging from 50/100 cm to 200/300 cm (W / L).


The base of the skylight dome can be manufactured of PVC or metal (galvanized steel or aluminium). The base can have a flat or profiled flange (for mounting on profiled roofing). It can be equipped with hinges and necessary accessories, with the help of which the skylight dome is installed. These elements can be located on a PVC safety frame, which serves for fixing of roofing to the base.


Spoilers can be installed along the horizontal plane of the base, which increase the effective smoke extraction area. Spoilers can be manufactured of galvanized steel with the thickness of 0,65 mm or aluminium alloy with the thickness of 1,0 mm. ESSMANN manufacturing program includes two types of spoilers: type «А»spoyler - for skylight domes with the nominal size of 100/100 cm, and type «В» - for sizes from 100/100 to 200/300 cm. Spoilers can be colored in any RAL color (upon request). Spoilers are installed after all the equipment is mounted and connected and is performed with the help of single fixing elements, which are included in the delivery package.


Despite the size all domes are encased in a PVC frame and have a drip edge for edges protection of glazing polymeric layers from atmospheric precipitations. The encasing frame is reinforced by a rectangular-sectioned metal pipe to ensure rigidity of the structure and has a drip edge (along the perimeter of the dome), which prevents water penetration into the dome and protects hinges from atmospheric influences. A co-extruded double insulation made of plasticized PVC ensures impermeability of the skylight dome.


The flap of the skylight dome opens for ventilation purposes with the help of a pneumatic opening unit, which makes it possible to open the flap to no less than 160°. Depending on the size of the skylight dome the unit is equipped with one or two pneumatic cylinders. The pneumatic cylinders force is transferred through a lever to a connection bar, fixed on a kerb frame of the skylight dome. To ensure automatic start of a heat extraction valve (skylight dome's opening), a thermal breaking device is installed on a mechanism, which is activated when the ambient temperature reaches around 68°, 92° or 110°С. The energy source for opening in this case is a CO2 bulb, located on a device. The opening mechanism for smoke extraction is installed on a PVC base at the factory, so further equipping at site is not possible.


The dome opens for everyday ventilation with the help of one or two electric drives (depending on the size of the arcade rooflight). The drives are encased in rectangular aluminium housing, installed in a special console. They are supplied with a standard rod stroke length of 300, 500 and 750 mm. The drives can be manufactured with any rod stroke length up to 1000mm. There are two versions of drives available – with the operating voltage of 230V AC and 24V DC. The 230V and 24V drives control can be performed automatically with the help of weather stations (it is recommended).

The opening of the dome of the arcade rooflight for natural ventilation can also be carried out with the use of separate pneumatic drives, which are supplied with the standard rode stroke width of 300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 1000 and 1250 mm.


Such additional equipment as «HDS» protection system (hail, fall through and sun protection), «EVA» darkening system and an insect protection mesh can be installed on a «Lichtkuppel F6» skylight dome.


Translucent structures (skylight domes) «Lichtkuppel F6» type can be of 4 types:


essmann_classicClassic - consists of two-, three- or four-layer polymeric glazing (SAN, PC, PETG) of opal tint. All glazing layers are integrated in a kerb frame with a drip edge made of PVC for protection from atmospheric precipitations. Apart from protecting the glazing polymeric layers, the kerb frame also ensured quick installation of the skylight dome with the help of reliable hinges.  





Classic PC-s is the same as Classic skylight dome, but with honeycomb polycarbonate glazing with the thickness of 16 mm (PC-16/7), which has opal color in standard version.



essmann_psstClassic PC-st is a highly energy-effective skylight dome, which is used in buildings with heightened requirements to heat preservation. It is manufactured with the use of honeycomb polycarbonate (PC-16) and one or two upper glazing layers enclosed in kerb frame made of PVC according to the principle of ESSMANN Classic skylight dome. The following versions of standard sizes with very low coefficients of thermal transmission and high light transmission indices are offered:
1) translucent honeycomb polycarbonate (16/7) + one layer of polymeric glazing of opal tint;
2) translucent honeycomb polycarbonate (16/7) + two layers of polymeric glazing (external layer - opal tint, internal - translucent);
3) ESSMANN AeroTech sheet (translucent honeycomb polycarbonate 16/3 with nanogel filling) + two translucent layers of polymeric glazing.
PVC safety frame for «Classic», «Classic PC-s» and «Classic PC-st» skylight domes is supplied separately and is used for securing roofing on the base.


Plus is developed especially for buildings with high aesthetic requirements to the interior appearance of the skylight dome. It consists of the skylight dome and a system frame, which is supplied and mounted as a single unit. The system frame consists of PVC and aluminium reinforcing profiles. A safety frame, which overlaps 10 cm along the lifted roofing membrane on the skylight base, has also been incorporated into the system frame. The aluminium profile on the inside houses a surrounding C mounting slot for integration of various system components like ESSMANN ventilation and installation units. Two high quality EPDM seals located along the perimeter ensure a tight seal between the skylight dome and the system frame. Thanks to the design of the system frame, the seals are not visible, regardless of whether the dome is open or closed. This produces a better and smoother indoor appearance of the skylight dome. The combination of top quality 2, 3 or 4-skinned acrylic skins integrated into the kerb frame and the thermally separated aluminium profiles produces a marked improvement in the heat insulation properties.

ESSMANN Comfort Plus skylight dome

essmann_comfortESSMANN Comfort Plus skylight dome ensures optimum thermal and sound insulation and is ideal for office and administrative buildings (for new construction and retrofitting). It consists of a system frame with an integrated safety frame, an aluminium kerb frame with heat insulation glazing and clear PMMA Comfort cover skin. The top glazing layer is attached directly to the aluminium kerb frame with the help of facing profiles so that it could be easily removed for cleaning if needed.


ESSMANN Comfort Plus skylight domes are characterized by a broad size and color range. It is also possible to combine different bases and ventilation drives, use natural glass for glazing.

Other types of skylight domes ESSMANN

essmann_kruglyESSMANN round skylight domes are made of high quality acrylic glazing in two- or three-skinned versions and have an opal tint as a standard. The skylight domes are always installed on an appropriate GRP base.

ESSMANN round skylight domes can be fixed (the skylight dome and the base are screwed together) or ventable (a stable venting frame is used between the skylight dome and the skylight base). The venting frame is prepared for the installation of ESSMANN cylinders or ESSMANN servomotor openers.



essmann_piramidalnyESSMANN pyramid-shaped skylight domes are made of high-quality acrylic glazing with side walls sloping at an angle of around 30º and have an opal tint as a standard. The skylight dome has a kerb frame with a drip edge and is ready for installation of ESSMANN ventilation devices.



ESSMANN glass pyramids are designed as 4-sided, square pyramids with a slope of 45°. essmann_pyramidaThey are made of high-quality, 24 mm thick insulating glazing. The inner pane is made of compound safety glass (VSG). The bearing structure consists of a thermally separated frame construction of aluminium profile. The glass pyramids are prepared for daily aeration and ventilation by means of ventilation motors (24V or 230V) with a lifting height of 500 mm. The glass pyramids are completely pre-assembled and mounted on a heat insulated 30 cm high GRP base. Glass pyramids larger than 180 x 180 cm are delivered separately from the skylight bases due to their weight.

ESSMANN skylight bases

The use of bases of various types (PVC, GRP, metal or combination of materials) ensures additional strength and stability to ESSMANN skylight dome, because the bases transfer the load from skylight dome elements to the bearing part of the roof.


PVC skylight bases


PVC skylight bases are system components for the quick and easy installation of skylight domes, ventilation units and double flaps. They consist of 4 white extruded profiles factory-welded at joints and are available in installation heights of 15, 30 or 50 cm. Bases are installed directly on the bearing structure. PVC roofing (membrane) can be welded directly to the horizontal flange section of the skylight dome or specially marked places on its vertical walls. The safety frame ensures tightness of all adjoining parts of the roofing. PVC skylight bases are fitted with all connecting parts necessary for the quick and easy installation of ventilation units and skylight domes. The fastening areas for integrating the skylight bases are very clearly marked. Single fastening elements are used along the perimeter with 20 cm distance between them.


PVC skylight base 15 has no thermal bridges (four extruded PVC profiles feature multi-chamber structure in the voids of which thermal insulation is located). The base has a drip edge all the way around for rain protection. The lip of the skylight base provides a secure mounting point for all fittings. It also serves as a suitable attachment base for the ESSMANN safety frame.


PVC skylight bases 30 and 50 are available in “i” (insulated, with multi-chamber system) and "ih" (high insulation - additionally insulated with polyurethane) versions.


Metal bases


Single-skinned metal bases are manufactured of galvanized sheet steel and are available in installation heights of 30, 40 and 50 cm (it is also possible to manufacture bases of non-standard installation height of up to 1.0 m). The skylight bases are color-coated on the inside with RAL 9002. The bases can be supplied both disassembled and assembled with basalt wool thermal insulation and bituminous backing (or without it). The skylight base is also equipped with an ESSMANN PVC safety frame for practical coverage of the roofing membrane. The safety frame is fitted with hinges to enable easy installation of the ESSMANN skylight dome.


Two-skinned metal bases are made of aluminium on the outside and steel on the inside. The inside of the base is colour-coated with RAL 9002. They are heat insulated and available in various installation heights can be designed with either a flat flange or a profiled flange. It is necessary to provide the manufacturer with the information as to the mounting position of the base, profile type (geometry), roofing laying direction, etc. The upper safety frame is fitted with hinges to enable easy installation of the ESSMANN skylight dome.


Apart from the above mentioned options ti is also possible to supply PVC skylight bases with fully or partially-profiled metal profiles. Please contact STAB Group specialists for additional information.


Round skylight bases


Round skylight bases are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin (GRP) and are available in heights of 15 cm, 30 cm or 50 cm. For the fixed version, the skylight dome and skylight base are screwed together. For the ventable version, a stable venting frame is used between the skylight dome and the skylight base. The venting frame is prepared for the installation of ESSMANN cylinders or ESSMANN servomotor openers.