Aluminium facade and roofing systems EURAMAX


The epoch of monotonous grey buildings, which have surrounded us for many years and have turned our lives into colorless and monotonous too, has luckily passed. Modern architecture is first of all creativity in construction, variety of shapes, materials, coatings and colors. Architects' ideas were previously limited by manufacturers' possibilities. Nowadays manufacturers inspire those, who design our world with innovative design solutions. EURAMAX is an acknowledged leader and a high class professional among those, who combine ideas and possibilities. EURAMAX is a specialist in the sphere of metal polymeric coating with practically no limits and more than 40 years of experience in the field. 


EURAMAX specializes in coil coating - the continuous and highly automated industrial process for efficiently coating coils of metal, which provides the strongest and the most durable coating.

EURAMAX supply program includes:

  • Any aluminium alloy and any type of thermal processing (steel available on request)

  • Width from 35 to 2630 mm

  • Thickness from 0,30 to 2,00 mm

  • Any colors and gloss levels (RAL, NCS, BS and Pantone)

  • Any coating systems (PVDF / FEVE / PUR-PA / HDP / PE)

  • Coils, strips, sheets

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

  • Minimal order in any color — 500 m2 (less — in colors left in stock).

EURAMAX coatings

EuraBuild collection offers unlimited freedom in design. Euramax supplies almost any paint type in virtually any color and gloss. Eurabuild can be used in all types of building envelopes and in any climatic zone. 

EuraBuild collection

EuraBuild PE (Polyester) — 2 layers, a well-known product of mass use, the lowest cost per m2.
EuraBuild HDP (High Durable Polyester) — 2 layers, durable and highly resistant to wear, relatively low cost per m2.
EuraBuild PUR/PA  (Polyurethane Polyamide) — 2 layers, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.
EuraBuild PVDF 2L (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) — 2 layers, excellent properties, long warranty period.
EuraBuild PVDF 3 or 4L (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) — 3 or 4 layers, best possible characteristics, multi-layer structure, for environments with high requirements to coatings.
EuraBuild PVDF 3 or 4L Lum (PVDF + Lumiflon clearcoat) — 3 or 4 layers, high gloss level .
EuraBuild Diamond (High Build Polyurethane/ Товстошаровий поліуретан) — 2 layers.

Some color samples of EuraBuild collection





EuraDesign (EuraDecor) collection recreates natural materials design (stone, wood, copper) on light, formable, easy to maintain, 100% recycable aluminium. A pattern of any material in accordance with your desire can be recreated on aluminium. An original design sample and minimal order amount are required. A unique Carbon design is offered as a part of EuraDecor range, which is available in any desired color combination and any gloss level from high gloss to full matt.

EuraDesign (EuraDecor) collection

EuraDecor PE (Polyester) — 2 layers
EuraDecor HDP (High Durable Polymer) — 2 layers
EuraDecor PUR-PA (Polyurethane Polyamide) — 2 layers
EuraDecor PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) — 2 layers
EuraDecor PVDF cc (Polyvinylidene Fluoride + clearcoat)
EuraDecor PVDF Lum (PVDF + Lumiflon clearcoat)


Some color samples of EuraDesign (EuraDecor) collection





AluNatur coating highlights the natural beauty of aluminium. An almost unlimited range of (-semi) transparent clearcoats applied on Brushed or Transparent Laquering aluminium surfaces, creating an exceptional color palette. Can't be used in aggressive industrial/corrosive environments and closer than 1500 meters from the coastal area.

AluNatur collection

AluNatur HDP (High Durable Polymer clearcoat) — 1 layer
AluNatur PUR-PA (Polyurethane Polyamide clearcoat) — 1 layer


Some color samples of AluNatur collection





EuraMica is tailored to attract attention. Mica pigments reflect their own color or that of the base coat. This reflection and refraction causes a fascinating colour variation that changes upon viewing angle and incidence of light. All gloss levels are available.

EuraMica collection

EuraMica HDP 3L (High Durable Polymer) — 3 layers
EuraMica PVDF 3L (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) — 3 layers
EuraMica PVDF 4L (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) — 4 layers
EuraMica PVDF 3L Lum (PVDF + Lumiflon clearcoat) — 3 layers
EuraMica PVDF 4L Lum (PVDF + Lumiflon clearcoat) — 4 layers


Some color samples of EuraMica collection



Other collections of coatings EURAMAX

EuraTex collection offers not only colors, but also a range of textured finishes inspired by nature. Textures vary from fine to ultra tough, whereas glosses may vary from absolute gloss matt to vivid reflections, These combinations enable you to make unique natural finishes in pre-coated aluminium. It is possible to create finishes with any desired texture, when you supply an original design sample and meet the minimal order requirements.


AnoMax collection is a new line of anodized finishes matching EURAS industrial standards. It has a range of advantages, such as high warranties, excellent color consistency, price economy, great flexibility for bending and rollforming of any product.


Some color samples

EuraTex AnoMax



EuraZinc is a unique self-weathering zinc finish in pre-coated aluminium. Like real zink, the coating changes overtime from an initial light grey finish to a dark weathered zink finish. EuraZinc saves over 60% of weight in comparison to real zink and is more price attractive. On top of this EuraZink allows you to fully exploit the cladding versatility and easy processing of aluminium.  

EuraZinc - 10 years of warranty

EuraZinc Pro - 15 years of warranty


EuraPrestige collection provides a cost saving approach to srchitects, designers and panel manufacturers searching for special gloss level in a high warranty coating system. Apart from that, EuraPrestige coating (2 layers) outperforms two layer PVDF systems in resistance to dirt retention, scratch resistance and paint hardness. Due to highly innovative pigmentation of the coating it is much easier to remove graffiti from a EuraPrestige cladded facade, than from any other coating. All gloss levels are available – from low (10%) to high gloss (60%).


Some color samples

EuraZinc EuraPrestige



Any products or structures of various forms and sizes for roof and facades cladding (panels, cassettes, one-piece fabrications of a complicated form, including non-linear ones, etc. ) can be created of aluminium due to its excellent characteristics.


We can offer you:

facade cassettes facade panels



or other products of various shapes and textures as per your requirement, manufactured of color-coated aluminium to create your building’s truly unique appearance.






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