Translucent enclosing structures


It’s difficult to imagine modern architecture without buildings and structures with translucent facades and roofs. A present day tendency in architecture and construction all over the world is to expand glass cladding areas and enlarge sizes of windows and glass units. All-glass structures, mirrored facades, translucent structures of atriums, translucent roofs and entrances make even massive buildings look especially elegant and sophisticated and help to visually expand the space, which is very important for modern cities.


High-quality installation of translucent enclosing structures provides optimal natural illumination of rooms, improves building’s appearance, adds to its architectural expressiveness, ensures excellent thermal, sound insulation, reduces maintenance costs and increases building’s ecological safety.


Light-weight translucent forms are ideally combined with various architectural styles and cladding materials for construction, renovation and decoration of different buildings, such as production areas, warehouses, terminals, hotels, exhibition, shopping and entertainment centers, administrative and office buildings. Due to their characteristics, translucent systems make it possible to realize any spatial structure: vertical, horizontal, sloped, of regular and irregular geometric shape.


Translucent enclosing structures are mostly combinations of profile systems with translucent materials. The most ideal profile systems for translucent structures nowadays are aluminium ones. Structures with their use are characterized by flexibility, workability, impermeability, stability to any climatic conditions, excellent thermal and sound insulation. Such translucent structures have a long service life and are easy to maintain. The most important thing is that aluminium systems make it possible to install a translucent facade or roof of any size, shape and complexity level.


There is a broad choice of glass glazing materials (glass, polycarbonate, acryl, etc), types of glass and polymers, profiles types, colors and glass glazing systems. Constant improvement of materials and systems for translucent enclosing structures installation broaden the limits of systems application in construction and open additional possibilities for architects and engineers.    


Translucent glass systems
Translucent polycarbonate systems