Wall made of element-by-element installation sandwich panels with the use of internal wall cassettes


A wall made of sandwich panels of element-by-element assembly with the use of internal wall cassettes (IWC) is one of the options for frame building’s walls installation. Their characteristic feature is the use of internal wall cassettes as a main functional element.


The major advantages:

  • Quick installation due to functionality and characteristics of IWC. Wall cassettes perform the function of building’s internal decoration material, substructure for external decoration elements and a basis for insulation materials installation
  • Reliability and rigidity of the construction, even if IWC are installed at large distances (the distance between columns may be up to 9 meters)
  • An internal surface of the wall does not require additional decoration
  • It is possible to make walls with sound insulation using perforated internal wall cassettes and stone wool based insulation (which has sound absorbing characteristics)
  • It is possible to use insulating materials of low density (light-weight).
  1. Column of the framework
  2. Gasket IWC-column
  3. Base internal wall cassette
  4. Regular internal wall cassette
  5. Thermal insulation
  6. Sealing strip (5х20)
  7. Wind barrier (superdiffusion membrane)
  8. Insulating gasket
  9. Base flashing
  10. Omega-profile
  11. Concertto sheet