Wall made of sandwich panels


Walls made of sandwich panels is one of the most common options for frame building′s wall enclosing structure installation. The main constituents of this solution are prefabricated wall sandwich panels, which can be located both horizontally and vertically towards the framework.


The advantages of wall made of sandwich panels:

  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Good heat-transfer resistance due to efficient core insulating materials use (PUR foam and stone wool)
  • Low weight, no considerable loads on the foundation of the building
  • Do not require additional cladding neither on the inside nor on the outside
  • A broad color range
  • Durability and reliability if mounted correctly
  • Installation is possible under any weather conditions and in any season of the year
  • Affordable price.
  1. Column of the framework
  2. Gasket
  3. Base flashing
  4. Extruded foam polystyrene
  5. Wall sandwich panel
  6. Self-drilling screw for sandwich panels
  7. Cover strip