SVF with facade panels cladding


A ventilated facade is an excellent construction solution for buildings’ cladding, which performs several functions at the same time. It renovates and decorates buildings’ facade and improves its technical and performance characteristics. Without a doubt it’s one of the most common and most effective solutions for facades of buildings and structures of different purposes.

A suspended ventilated facade (SVF) is a structure attached to the wall with the help of a metal profiles system to which an external cladding material is fixed. A thermal insulation and an air gap are located between the wall and external cladding.

Advantages offered by suspended ventilated facades:

  • Durability
  • No walls preliminary preparation is necessary
  • No wet processes and a possibility to install a facade in any season
  • Walls protection from environmental influences
  • Effective thermal and sound insulation of a building
  • Maintainability and a possibility of separate elements partial replacement without causing damage to external walls structure
  • Maintaining of water vapors balance, circulating through building’s walls. Vapors are eliminated from the bearing walls with the help of an air gap with updraft, thus increasing a building’s service life.

One of the main SVF advantages is a wide range of cladding materials to be used and broad possibilities as to materials and colors combinations on the same façade, creating a building’s unique appearance.


Facade panels are among cladding materials used as an external SVF element, combining simplicity and elegance. Facade panels can be located horizontally, vertically and at an angle, can be of different size and colors, manufactured of various materials with various coatings. All these advantages combined with durability and easy mounting make facade panels an excellent cladding material.

  1. Clay wall
  2. Support bracket
  3. Z-profile
  4. Thermal insulation
  5. Expansion anchor for wool fixing
  6. Wind barrier (superdiffusion membrane)
  7. Omega-profile
  8. Base flashing
  9. Facade panel