Sandwich panels roofing


A roof made of sandwich panels is one of the options for roof enclosing structure installation, which is getting more popular and more widespread with every year. Roofing sandwich panels have an outer cover sheet with trapezoidal corrugations filled with thermal insulating material. Corrugations add to panels’ rigidity and ensure tight joints along the length of the panel.

Sandwich panels are suitable for roof covering with a roof pitch of at least 7%.


Advantages of a roof made of sandwich panels:

  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Good heat transfer resistance due to the use of effective thermal insulating materials as a core (PUR foam and stone wool)
  • Low weight — no considerable loads on walls and the building’s foundation
  • Attractive appearance — do not require additional cladding both on the inside and on the outside
  • A wide range of colors
  • Durability and reliability if mounted correctly
  • Roof mounting is possible under any weather conditions and in any season
  • Affordable price.
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